Eli Marg
June 24, 1996Edit
Rank: LeaderEdit
Main StreetEdit
Affiliation: Killer WaspsEdit
Proceeded by: NobodyEdit
Codename: SiontixEdit

Start of Killer WaspsEdit

Eli was raised in Elroy,Wisconsin and started his NERF career with the original NERF weapons. He was awarded with an unknown dart shooter that was automatic, a type of Chaingun. Later he lost it, years later his friend Gavin Leffel had shown Eli and given him one of two of his new Mavericks. Which was the beginning of the reformation of NERF. Later Eli took it to Michael Richardson house on his birthday and used it in several fights. Eventually, Gavin again, brought a weapon, this time a more exclusive type, two special red Recons, again , one for him. That led them to fight with NERF weapons and declare that as a favorite sport, Eli and Gavin gained recognition from others from having the Special Edition Red Recons. Eventually, at last, Eli had purchased the Deploy, which marked the beginning of the Killer Wasps.


As Killer Wasps has yet to gain any rivals, leadership has not been required as much yet. However, Eli is the final decider of things, and Gavin is his right hand person to decide as well.