Klemme Park is one block away from Eli's house, which is the main headquarters obviously.


Klemme is by far one of the most valued areas to control in a Nerf War. Benefits of controlling this area includes:

  • Barricaded Twin Fortress
  • Tactical Escape routes
  • Painless Tire Chips ground material
  • Open area
  • Two floor base
  • Favors every game type
  • supports bicycle NERF units
  • Easy find darts (due to black color)


There are a few downsides to this area, which include:

  • An average of about 20 families a day visit Klemme Park to play with their children, interferring with fights.
  • Darts rarely, but has, will coinidentally fly past the Fortress and hit passing cars.
  • The wallings on the fortress can easily be shot through by climbing it then shooting through leaving the defenders defensless.
  • Klemme is next to the police station thus not beign an ideal location to have lazer fights at night due to curfew.


Klemme Park is often mistooken for Klemme Reserve, which is as well a park, but much farther then Klemme

Winter Haltfire lawEdit

This park cannot be invaded under WinterHalt fire

thumb|346px|right|Klemme Park